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For the Atari 2600 and the Atari 7800 in 2600 mode


River Raid II was designed by Dan Kitchen and programmed by Imagineering, Inc. This game is based on River Raid, which was designed by Carol Shaw.

Produced by Sherry Whiteley.

Product management by John Crompton.

Product testing by Kelly Zmak, Stew Perkins, and Steve Imes.

River Raid II guide by Liz Armstrong. Editorial management by Laura Singer. Production by Scriptomation.

Operation River Raid

Alone in your F-14 assault jet, you're about to understake the most explosive mission of your celebrated flying career.

After taking off from a sea-based carrier, you'll tear through the skies above the ocean and streak toward a river delta, where you must destroy an enemy bridge. Once past the delta, you must navigate back to the carrier and safely land. Without stopping for handshakes all around, you'll then set off on a new, more dangerous mission.

This is no contest for amateurs. Once airborne, you'll have to refuel in midair while outmaneuvering enemy fire. If you manage to outfuel these fearless devils by blasting them with missiles or torpedoes, you'll also win points.

If you don't make it, two backup planes will come to your rescue. Your missions will continue until your squadron's name is history.

Getting Started

Refueling in Midair

To refuel, fly over the gold refueling planes that are flying in your direction. These planes appear only over the ocean, so watch your fuel guage. At the river, you can refuel by flying at low altitude and picking up the gold buoys floating in the water. A warning sound will tell you when your fuel level is dangerously low. If you run out of fuel, you'll crash.

Conquering the Enemy

Avoid collisions with enemy helicopters, fighter jets, and flak bursts, or you'll be today's headline.

To fire missiles at helicopters and jets, press the joystick button. To drop torpedoes on enemy sea vessels, tanks, water towers, landing strips, buildings, or bridges, press the joystick button while pulling back on the joystick.

You cannot destroy enemy flak bursts. Just stay our of their way!


When calm seas appear below, your aircraft carrier is close by. The RADAR screen will display your altitude and proximity to the ship.

1. Pull the joystick back to maintain your altitude.

2. Hold down the joystick button. The Thrust bar replaces the altimeter. Increase your thrust until you reach the aircraft carrier.

3. As soon as you're over the carrier, release the joystick button and quickly push the joystick forward to land.

Your F-14 Assault Jet Squadron

The backup jets in your squadron will take over if you crash, run out of fuel, or are hit by the enemy. Whenever a new plane steps in, it will continue the mission at the position where the last plane was destroyed. Backup planes always begin with a full fuel tank and at the highest altitude.

The End of the Mission

The game ends if you lose all three planes or you successfully destroy the enemy target and land on the aircraft carrier. At this point you can start a new game or continue the game with a new, more difficult mission. Each new game or mission begins back on the carrier.

River Raid II Flying Tips

Try to enter the river channel with a full tank of fuel. Fuel is tough to come by at the river scene.

Maintain a low altitude when flying over the river. It's easier to swoop down and pick up fuel buoys.

Keep a close eye on your RADAR to locate your mission target.


	Enemy Object            Point Value
	------------            -----------
	Fighter Jet                  100
	Helicopter                   150
	Destroyer                    200
	Carrier                      250
	Water Tower                  300
	Building                     400
	Landing Strip                500
	Tank                         600
	Bridge                      2500

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